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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] is an independent VAT consultancy firm. We provide specialist VAT and Customs related advice to leading businesses and organizations across a broad range of industries and disciplines. Recognized for our deep knowledge of this complex tax, we have proven experience in helping clients reduce the amount of VAT unduly imposed by the authorities, simplify their procedures and avoid penalties.

We are committed to help our clients achieve full compliance within the law and regulations, and where there is scope for legitimate VAT planning, we will advise on how best to minimize imposition of undue VAT, other duty and taxes. We pride ourselves on our quick response rate and practical approach to clients’ VAT and Customs issues.

abt is your “one stop shop” which would advise you from the compliance aspects of your VAT and Customs accounting, through the initial stages of disputes with various Customs and VAT authorities, to the final stage of conducting Appeals before the Customs and VAT Appeal, Appellate Tribunal, appeals and Writ Petitions before the Hon’ble High Court Division till the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court Of Bangladesh.

Our aim is to streamline systems, and to minimize compliance costs for all clients who have to meet increasingly complex Customs and VAT requirements & legislations and at the same time ensure that their rights are protected. The scenario for VAT calculation and payments turns out to be even more complex due to the introduction and implementation of diversified secondary legislations. gives assurance to its valuable clients that the chamber will deal with all litigation matters and procedural formalities allowing the clients to operate their business without any obstructions.

We have been able to assist many businesses by reducing the level of VAT arrears, mitigating the level of penalty imposed and in some cases bringing about the cessation of unduly imposed VAT and Customs duty. Even if your enquiry is of a fairly basic nature, you can always be assured of a friendly, approachable and helpful response. Our services are tailored exactly to meet your business needs, with fees agreed at the outset. Work can be carried out at times to suit your operation. is your most comprehensive source of VAT and Customs advice. Our services are specifically tailored to meet requirement of our clients. Our qualified team offer clients the best advice on all aspects of Bangladesh VAT and Customs. We specialize in the more complex areas of VAT and we allocate work to our experts based on their particular strengths. The chamber’s team of qualified experts has proven experience in helping clients save substantial amounts of money, avoid penalties, simplify procedures and improve cash flow. Our associate VAT and Customs consultants can advise on all aspects of VAT, Customs and other related duty and taxes, which is a specialist area within direct and indirect tax.

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Value Added Tax (VAT) provides A to Z solution and support for all VAT related matters. Whether in need of quality representation before the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh or simply looking for some assistance for regular VAT query, has it all.

VAT Accounting

We conduct VAT accounting and monitor documentation handling on behalf of our clients. Maintaining an appropriate account of your VAT payment is of enormous importance since it is often seen that most of the irregularities and litigations arise out of VAT audits that are carried out by different authorities. Advice and preparation of query replies, official documentation handling, and support for obtaining clearances and approval orders from certain authorities also is available.

VAT Appeals

We have considerable experience in representing clients at VAT Tribunals as well as the Hon’ble High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and have regularly had success in appeals against surcharges, penalties and various liability rulings imposed by Customs. Our aim is to try to reach agreement with the authorities before a Hearing takes place but this may not always be possible. Clients who have benefitted from our advice have saved substantial amounts of VAT. Appeals can take several months. Our understanding of Tribunal procedures means that we can look after your appeal whilst you continue to look after your business. We will also ensure, wherever possible, to recover your costs.

VAT Planning

Planning a new project will ensure any VAT pitfalls are identified and avoided but is set up in the most VAT efficient way. It is always easier to identify potential problems from a VAT perspective before a project commences so that appropriate measures can be taken to overcome any VAT issues. If the planning has been completed we can review contractual arrangements and other project documentation to ensure that it complies with the VAT legislation, that is VAT Act 1991, and does not create any VAT exposures.